Christina and Christopher Gring Arrested After Boarding School Bus To Try To Confront Son’s Alleged Bully


Two parents in Pennsylvania found themselves in jail after they got on a school bus to confront their son's bullies.

Christina and Christopher Gring were charged with unlawfully entering a school bus, threatening children and other misdemeanors, according to My Fox Philly.

NBC10 Philadelphia notes that Christina Gring is accused of heading to the back of the bus, questioning students and threatening physical harm if they continued to pick on her son.

Kids who were on the bus with the Gring's 8-year-old son reportedly noted that the boy got off the bus and told his parents he was being picked on.

"He was crying when he came off the bus and nobody knows why. Then they started yelling curse words at us and yelling to tell them what happened," said Katherine, an 8-year-old who was on the bus.

Christina Gring told NBC10 that her son has been bullied since the beginning of the school year. She said when she asked the bus driver what was going on she was told her to talk with the student safety monitors, which is why she got on the bus. She said she never threatened the kids.

As of early Friday, Christopher Gring remained in jail and he and Christina Gring are due in court to face charges of making terroristic threats on Nov. 5.

Part of a statement from the school district read as follows:

"In conducting a follow-up internal investigation of the incident, North Penn School District found no reports of bullying of the accused couple's child. Under no circumstances does NPSD ever want a parent boarding a bus or taking matters into their own hands."

Sources: My Fox Philly, NBC10 Philadelphia


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