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Christian School Engages in Cruel Donkey Basketball


A "donkey basketball" fundraiser is scheduled to take place at Faith Christian Academy in Hurt, Virginia, on Thursday, February 11. The donkeys used in these rough and abusive "games" are often denied proper exercise as they travel for months at a time in small, poorly ventilated enclosures. Operators regularly deny them food and water before games in an effort to prevent unsightly "accidents." PETA receives many complaints about donkey basketball events, but it is up to administrators to do the right thing, as these animals are afforded no protection under the Animal Welfare Act.

These events are loud, chaotic, and completely unnatural to donkeys, who are pulled, shoved, screamed at, or whipped when they don't want to play and are forced to support riders who are too heavy to be comfortably carried. These events exploit both animals and organizers, as donkey basketball operators often take at least half the profits.

Please urge Faith Christian Academy Administrator Lisa Moore to cancel the donkey basketball game immediately and replace it with an event in which all participants choose to be involved.
School officials have no reason to endorse such suffering and abuse, especially considering that PETA has provided them with fun, cruelty-free alternatives.

Please keep all correspondence polite, as anything less will hurt our efforts.


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