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Christian Coupled Killed and Burned By Muslim Mob After Allegedly Desecrating Koran

A Christian couple in Pakistan was beaten to death by an angry mob, who then burned their bodies in a brick kiln -- all for allegedly desecrating the Koran.

The brutal attack took place in Kot Radha Kishan, which is 40 miles away from the city of Lahore. According to officials, there has been a recent increase in the amount of violence handed down from Muslims to other religious minorities.

An officer quickly arrived at the scene of the crime, but by then the mob had dissipated. The officer spoke to journalists saying “A mob attacked a Christian couple after accusing them of desecration of the holy Koran and later burnt their bodies at a brick kiln where they worked.” The officer added, “Yesterday an incident of desecration of the holy Koran took place in the area and today the mob first beat the couple and later set their bodies on fire.”

The murdered couple was found to be married.

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has ordered that a three-person committee quickly investigate the case so that a decision can be reached. Likely there will be no arrests made since the attackers were part of a mob, but possibly the issue of desecrating the Koran can be resolved.

There are numerous cases in Pakistan of Christians who are currently sitting on death row due to alleged comments against the Prophet Mohammed. In one such case, a Christian woman was involved in an argument with a Muslim woman where she allegedly spoke poorly of the Prophet. The burden of proof for blasphemy is extremely small and a simple accusation can lead to death.    

Photo Credit: WikiCommons


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