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Christian Blogger Veronica Partridge Responds To Leggings Controversy

The Christian blogger who made waves by announcing she would stop wearing leggings to prevent men from thinking “lustful thoughts” has spoken out about the reaction to her decision.

Veronica Partridge, 25, told The Blaze the response to her blog post, entitled “Why I Chose to No Longer Wear Leggings,” has been “intimidating.”

“I’m thankful for the people who support my decision and have left many kind words. The negativity, on the other hand, is what can be overwhelming,” Partridge said. “I get that people aren’t going to agree with me and that’s perfectly OK, but some of the strong words people are using over something as simple as leggings is just crazy to me.”

Partridge, who describes herself as “more reserved and very non-confrontational,” thought only a few of her friends would take note of the post. But Partridge’s message went viral, sparking national debate and controversy. 

Despite her wardrobe decision, Partridge says she doesn’t care what other people put on their bodies. “Leggings are really popular and trendy right now and people don’t want to hear the reason why I have decided to stop wearing them because they may feel that I am telling them they shouldn’t wear them either,” she said. “That is definitely not the case. I made a personal decision. I don’t care if women decide they still want to wear them. That is their choice.”

Partridge’s religious views led her decision, but she acknowledges not every Christian may share her opinions. “Every Christian has different convictions. I just listened to one of mine. What may convict me may not convict you,” she said.

Given the chance, Partridge says she never would have written the blog post.“I never, ever wanted to get into blogging. I created one and wanted it for a personal outlet where I could write my thoughts and share my journey with a small audience, such as my immediate friends and family,” she said. 

She credits God with the sudden limelight. “I was always the ‘anti-blogger’ but apparently God had other plans.”

Source: The Blaze Image via Veronica Partridge/Instagram


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