Chrissy Teigen's Dad's Surprising Gift To John Legend (Photo)

Chrissy Teigen's Dad's Surprising Gift To John Legend (Photo) Promo Image

Fans were shocked to find out what model Chrissy Teigen's father gave her husband, musician John Legend, for Christmas.

In a video on Twitter, Chrissy revealed that her dad, Ron Teigen Sr., gifted Legend a "willy warmer" for the holiday -- a knit sock to warm his genitals, according to Bustle. "Thank u dad," wrote the model in a Twitter post showing the offbeat gift.

The packaging for the "willy warmer" describes it as a "heater for your peter." 

"My dad got this stuff for me and John," narrates Chrissy, 32, in the brief clip, showing off the "dad joke" gift.

After showing off that present, Chrissy gestures to her own gift from her dad, a "don't touch box," which is described as an "amazing and interesting useless box."

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"There you go opening your sister's presents again," joked Ron on Twitter in response to his daughter's video.

Fans on Twitter were quick to reply to Chrissy's post. Some shared shocked reaction GIFs to illustrate their response, and others commented on how funny they found the joke gift.

"Nice color," wrote one user. "Would be cool if it came in mood material where the color changes once the peter is at the 'right' temperature! LOL!"

"Lol your dad is awesome!" commented another.

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"Lmao! Love it! My husband bought one for my dad last Xmas!" replied another Twitter user.

"My grandma crocheted one of those for my dad as a joke back in the 80s," said another. "I was very young and straight up traumatized when I figured out what it was!"

"That took me way too long to work out what it was!" wrote another. "I must be so innocent."

Legend, 38, and his wife celebrated Christmas with their daughter Luna in Utah.  2017 will be their last Christmas as a family of three, as they are expecting their second child, according to The Independent.

Chrissy had previously announced her pregnancy and revealed how much she enjoys being pregnant.

"That's my dream, I just want to be pregnant for the rest of my life," joked the model. "Not for the rest of my life, but the rest of my fertile life, we'll see."

"Merry Christmas," wrote Chrissy in an Instagram post showing 17-month-old Luna standing in the desert in an oversized Christmas sweater, according to Billboard.

She also let fans know what her family was eating for Christmas, reports E! News.

"Tonight's menu, Tyler Florence's beef wellington, my creamy onions, roasted carrots, balsamic bacon brussels, garlic smashed potatoes, honey butter rolls and Nigella Lawson's INSANE cider and 5-spice bundt cake with salty caramel sauce!" she wrote.

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