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Chris Dorner's Charred Body Found in Burned Cabin

Human remains have been found in the cabin where fugitive ex-cop Chris Dorner was last seen. If the body is identified as Dorner’s, the weeklong manhunt for the ex-LAPD officer and Navy Reserve lieutenant — who is believed to be responsible for four deaths and a number of other crimes — will finally be over.

Dorner traded gunfire with law enforcement officials on Tuesday, killing a San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputy and seriously injuring another. After the firefight, Dorner barricaded himself in a wooden cabin outside Big Bear, Calif., a location that isn’t too far from the San Bernardino Mountains east of Los Angeles.

Once authorities realized that Dorner was holed up in the cabin, they took action. According to the LA Times, law enforcement officials smashed the cabin's windows, filled it with tear gas and called for Dorner to surrender. After getting no response, they used a demolition vehicle to tear down each of the cabin’s walls one by one. When the last wall was reached, a gunshot rang out and the cabin became engulfed in flames. Many are hoping that an autopsy will confirm that gunshot was Dorner killing himself.

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said that the manhunt was not over until the body in the cabin was identified as Dorner.

On his way to the hospital where the deputy that Dorner had injured was being treated, Beck said, “It is a bittersweet night.”

The deputy is expected to survive from his injuries, but he will need several surgeries before he has a chance to regain his health.

“This could have ended much better, it could have ended worse,” Beck said. “I feel for the family of the deputy who lost his life.”

Dorner’s spree of violence was based off an online manifesto he posted to Facebook, which vowed that he would wage “unconventional and asymmetrical warfare” against law enforcement officers and their families. In the manifesto, he wrote: “Self-preservation is no longer important to me. I do not fear death as I died long ago.”

Source: The LA Times


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