New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Vetoes 'Smart Gun' Bill


Republican Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey conditionally vetoed legislation to increase sales of smart guns in the state, as well as a bill that would require residents to show justifiable need in order to obtain a firearm permit.

"This bill is reflective of the relentless campaign by the Democratic legislature to make New Jersey as inhospitable as possible to lawful gun ownership and sales, and I refuse to allow that to happen," Christie said of the smart gun legislation, according to ABC News.

One type of smart gun uses fingerprint authorization to unlock the firearm, explains the Smart Tech Challenges Foundation. When an authorized user, of which there may be an unlimited amount, presses their finger to the firearm’s scanner it releases the safety device and allows them to fire the weapon. If an unauthorized user tries to use the firearm it remains locked and will not fire.

Under the New Jersey measure, gun retailers would have been required to keep an inventory of smart guns, according to ABC News.

This is the second time Christie has been sent the bill by the state's Democrat-led legislature. The first time it came to his desk he pocket-vetoed the measure.

"The Governor's conditional veto is proof that he is out of touch with the overriding sentiments of New Jersey residents, the majority of whom support gun safety," Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald said in a statement.

Christie also conditionally vetoed a bill that would require residents to show justifiable need to obtain a firearm permit.

The state currently has a justifiable need requirement, but the legislation would have made the regulations stricter.

Christie wants to make regulatory changes so it is easier for residents to obtain firearms and finds the justifiable need standard has made it “nearly impossible” for residents to get a concealed carry permit.

Sources: ABC News, Smart Tech Challenges Foundation / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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