Chris Brown's New Pick Up Line: "I Promise I Won't Beat You!"

Where does one even start with this? Let me start by trying to be objective, which for me is very difficult for anyone who abuses: women, children, animals, elderly people and those defenseless (ie, in a wheelchair, etc.). Firstly whenever there is an unnamed source in any publication (or anything anyone says in life for that matter) you always have to take it with a grain of salt because it could just be someone with an axe to grind and it could totally be fabricated. Even in cases like this. And trust me I am NO fan of Chris Brown.

Us Weekly is reporting that someone from the Lasio Professional Hair Care gifting suite for the Grammys said that on February 10, Chris Brown was in her suite and approached her with: "Can I get your number? I promise I won't beat you!" Pretty disgusting if you ask me. But what's also disgusting is this source says:

"He and his friends laughed, then one yelled, 'That's his new line!' Ugh! I wanted to throw up!"

US reached out to Chris' reps who replied with (and seriously I find THIS funny):

"I'd be surprised if Chris said something that stupid."

So in other words, Chris IS stupid, but just not THAT stupid. I think THAT'S debatable. Or is this just another incident like that tweet that got deleted?


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