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Chris Brown's Alleged Victim Connected To Grand Larceny

Singer Chris Brown found himself in trouble with the law in late August when a former pageant queen accused the singer of pulling a gun on her in his house. Now, new details have emerged about the alleged victim, connecting her to a case of grand larceny in New York City.

Baylee Curran, 24, who told authorities she was relaxing in Brown's home and later looked at some diamond jewelry before Brown became aggressive and pulled a gun on her, has been connected to a theft at the Plaza Hotel in New York City in 2013, a case in which police are still seeking Curran for questioning.

Curran had reportedly been staying at the Plaza in 2013, with two friends from California when the group got into a dispute. Curran is accused of fleeing the hotel with one of the friends, Julia Parle, who reportedly stole a wallet containing up to $1,000 in cash along with credit cards belonging to the pair's other friend, according to New York Daily News.

A representative for Curran said the former Miss Regional California 2016 said that she had no idea that investigators in New York wanted her for questioning. While there is no warrant for Curran's arrest, if NYPD officers see her in New York, they may take her in for questioning regarding the case.

Curran has said that Brown pulled the weapon on her after she admired some diamond jewelry being sold by a man in the house. Brown allegedly pointed the gun at her, telling her to "Get the f--- out of the house."

The incident set off an hours-long standoff with police, where Brown refused to allow officers into his home until they obtained a search warrant. Officers reportedly found a gun, along with several other weapons and drugs, in a duffel bag that the singer threw out the window during the standoff.

Brown, who was charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon, was released from police custody on $260,000 bail. The incident comes as the latest in a series of encounters with the police, famously including Brown's 2009 felony conviction for assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna.

Source: New York Daily News (2) / Photo credit: Baylee Curran/Facebook

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