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Chris and Sarah Wyatt Find Trio Who Burglarized Their Home, Hold Them At Gunpoint For The Police

Last Friday night, the Wyatt family returned to their Warrior, Alabama, home to find many of their belongings missing, including Christmas gifts for their 1-year-old son.

A home surveillance video showed a woman knocking on the family's home earlier that day. No one answered, and a male accomplice kicked the door open. A third man joined, and the Wyatt family’s possessions were carried off in a black Ford Ranger pickup truck.

Just two days later, Chris and Sarah Wyatt saw three people, who they believed were the same suspects who broke into their home, burglarizing their neighbor’s home. Chris and his friends pursued the trio and held them at gunpoint until the police arrived. 

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(via Daily Mail)

"They happened to drive by, and we [saw] them drive by, and we knew it was them, and we stopped them,” Chris said.

The sheriff's office told WBRC that Chris followed the truck and blocked them in a road. He and his friends then held them at gunpoint until police officers could reach the scene, Chief Deputy Randy Christian said. 

The latest victim said someone forced open the door to his home and stole a computer monitor, trumpet, knife collection and jewelry. After the suspects, Eric Paul Stillwell, 38, Natosha Derrick, 29, and Elizabeth Frost, 28, were apprehended, deputies found those items in the truck, in addition to items from another home that had been burglarized.

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(via Daily Mail)

Though the Wyatt family has not had their items returned, they hope they will soon. "If they don't, at least we're all safe and in one piece, and they are off the street for now,” Sarah said.

The Wyatts told local reporters that they want everyone to remember there is still another suspect at large, as two men were shown in the surveillance video but only one was taken into custody.

Source: WBRC / Image via Daily Mail


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