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Pictures: Chinese Zombie Attack, Bus Driver Tries to Eat Woman's Face

After numerous 'zombie attacks' in U.S., the bizarre cannibal-style assaults have spread to China (pictures below).

According to Shanghai Daily, an intoxicated bus driver, only identified as 'Dong,' in Eastern China tried to eat a woman's face off during an attack.

Dong reportedly ran into a road, near a bus station, and jumped in front of a woman's car hood and starting pounding on the windshield.

When the woman, identified only as 'Du,' got out of her car, Dong attacked and started chewing her face.

Bystanders tried to stop the attack, but Dong overpowered them.

Eventually, police pulled Dong off of Du, but not before he inflicted serious injuries.

Du was taken to a local hospital with tears to her lips and nose. She will need cosmetic surgery.

Dong was reportedly drinking at a nearby bar before launching the zombie attack.


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