Chinese Woman Posts Pictures Online Of Her Cooking A Cat, Hate Ensues


Chinese woman Li Jinbang has been bombarded with hate messages after she posted images online showing her cooking and eating a cat. The woman posted about her cat soup on Weibo, China’s equivalent of Twitter.

Jinbang’s first post of the cat includes a picture with the caption “Hey look, I managed to catch a tiger and ate it.”

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She then posts a number of images of the cat being harvested throughout the cooking process.

After receiving hundreds of hateful messages, Jinbang defended herself by saying “It was a perfectly lawful killing and I killed the cat and ate it without doing anything illegal."

She tried to defend her choice to eat the cat by saying it had been injured in a traffic accident prior to her capturing it. The cat appears perfectly healthy in pictures.

Readers were not surprised to see Jinbang resides in the Guangdong providence of southeast China, a region known for exotic eating habits.

Chinese authorities have debated for years whether to make the practice of killing and eating cats illegal. An estimated four million cats are killed for food annually in the country. One particularly popular Chinese dish using cat meat is the Dragon, Tiger, Phoenix dish. Snake meat is used to represent the dragon, cat meat for the tiger, and chicken for the phoenix. 

Sources: Express, Mail Online


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