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Chinese Woman Forced To Eat This Delicacy For Breakfast (Photo)

From creepy crawlies to animal body parts, there is a plethora of weird things to eat around the world. But this particular Chinese regional delicacy might get your stomach churning.

A woman, identified as Miss Chen of Fuzhou in Fujian Province, posted a photo online of her breakfast of cooked mice served up by her mother.

Chen claims that her mother, who believes one mouse is as nutritious as three chickens, insisted on her finishing a bowl of mice that morning before she went off to work, the People’s Daily Online reports.

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Chen thought they were cooked rabbits at first, but after realizing she was being served mice, she refused to eat. However, her mother forced her to chow them all down.

“My mum said it was a great effort to pluck out all the hair from these mice,” Chen said. “She said it's hard work.”

So she reluctantly ate all the mice with her eyes closed, and she felt sick to her stomach all morning.

According to the Daily Mail, mice are one of eight delicacies in western Fujian, with dried mice jerky being the most popular. Fuzhou residents also believe that eating mice can help treat hair loss.

Experts, however, warn against consuming rodents, which can carry more than a dozen germs and diseases.

Sources: People’s Daily OnlineDaily Mail / Photo Credit: Mark Fowler/Flickr Creative Commons


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