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Chinese Woman Beaten To Death With Iron Bar In McDonald's

Six cult members in China were arrested Wednesday for the death of a woman after they allegedly beat her to death in a McDonald's restaurant. 

The woman was having dinner when an unknown man, known only as Mr. Zhang, asked for her phone number. When she refused, Zhang used an iron bar to beat the woman to death. Friends of Zhang's reportedly joined the dispute and kicked the woman in the head until she was lying on the ground in her own blood. Finally, the group used an iron-handled mop to strike her head until the handle broke.

In a graphic video footage of the event, it appeared that no one attempted to help the woman.

Witnesses reported that the two had previously made contact and fought while Zhang had dinner at Zhaoyuan in the Shandon province.

Some Chinese papers reported that the group was connected with a radical religious group, like Quannengshen, which promotes a distorted view of the Bible. The school of belief was banned as an "evil cult" by the government in 1995.

China has long struggled to suppress grassroots religious movements like Falungong, which was brutally repressed in 1999.

One of the attackers is a minor, but the other assailants will be charged with intentional homicide.

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Sources: DailyMail, Shanghaiist


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