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Multiple Teachers Sentenced To Death For Raping Young Students Show Alarming Pattern Happening In China

A Chinese elementary school teacher was sentenced to death this week for raping and molesting almost a dozen different first and second grade students.

59-year-old Gao Daosheng was found guilty of rape and molestation in numerous incidents involving young first and second grade students at a school in the city of Wuhu, located in Wuwei County. The sexual abuse happened back in 2011, and according to reports, five girls were repeatedly raped while six others were molested once.

Reports point out that another Chinese teacher, 56-year-old Yang Shifu of Nanyang, was also sentenced to death this week for raping and molesting students over the course of a couple of years. These are just two in a number of cases of reported sexual abuse by school teachers in the country, and many are concerned for the overall safety of young students..

Last year, the South China Morning Post published an article that examined what seemed to be a rise in child sexual abuse in China. Dr. Long Bi of the Institute of Psychology at Beijing’s Chinese Academy of Sciences said a main problem in the country, as well as most other places, is that the victims of sexual abuse are sometimes made to feel as if they did something wrong.

“Child sex abuse cases in China are not unique and did not start just now,” said Long. “The problem exists across all human societies. It is an expression of cultural violence towards children and sexuality. The bigger question here to ask is how to stop more abuse. It requires multidisciplinary collaboration.”


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