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Seeking More Respect From Female Colleagues, Teacher Pees into Their Tea

A teacher who allegedly felt he wasn’t receiving enough respect from his female colleagues decided to remedy the situation by urinating in their tea.

Gao Chao, 54, a teacher at Dongshen Art Kindergarten in Lianyungang, in China’s Jiangsu province, had reportedly been “annoyed” that he had not been given the job as head of the kindergarten.

He was caught and arrested after smartphone camera footage revealed that he had peed into four women’s teas.

Victim Li Kao, 26, had a feeling something was off. “There was strange smell from my tea a few weeks ago when I returned to the class after taking the children out to play in the playground,” she said.

“The cups are not transparent, so it was hard to see if the liquid looked strange but there was certainly a strange smell – which also came from the Thermos flasks that the tea was stored in,” Kao explained.

Kao and the other victims, ages 21-26, were angered by the incident, and initially refused to return to the school if Chao continued to work there.

However, after tests revealed that Chao did not have any infectious diseases, police announced that they could not act against him because he had not caused any "harm." Chao was reportedly given a stern lecture by the police and told not to repeat the act.

Thus, not only was Chao not arrested – he will also be able to keep his job at the kindergarten.

After receiving  £200 and an apology, the four female teachers ultimately agreed to keep working at the school, too.

Chao, for his part, has promised never to do it again.

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