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Chinese Restaurant Owner Fires Shot at Customer Who Complains About Roach in Eggroll

The owner of a Chinese restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama made a bad situation much, much worse when he fired a shot at a customer who complained of finding a bug in her eggroll.

Jatari Walker lives near Good Friend Chinese and Seafood and is a frequent customer—or used to be. On Thursday, she went to pick up dinner for herself and some family members.

Walker got into her car and bit into her eggroll. There she found a nasty surprise: a cockroach had found its way into the filling.

"I bit into my egg roll and I discovered there was a roach inside," Walker said.

Walker went inside to demand a refund from the storeowners.

"I went back to get a refund and she wouldn’t give me my money back so I sat it on the counter and it rolled onto the floor. And the lady who was taking an order was like, 'now where's the roach at?'" Walker recalled.

Walker and Chun Hin Ching, the 52-year-old restaurant owner, got into an argument. Ching didn’t like that Walker was complaining about the incident in front of other customers. Eventually he handed her back her $7.

Walker thought that was the end of the story. But as she headed to the exit, she heard a shot fired and a bullet whiz right over her head.

"He just shot the gun at me and I ran,” Walker told the New York Daily News.

The bullet lodged in the top of the doorframe. Walker was unharmed, though shaken.

"I can't sleep," she told the Daily News Saturday. "And since it happened I've had no appetite."

Ching was later arrested on for attempted murder. He is behind bars at Jefferson County Jail with bail posted at $100,000.

Sources: WBMA, WVTM, New York Daily News


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