Chinese Restaurant Laced Noodles With Addictive Poppy Seeds


A Chinese restaurant reportedly used noodles laced with opium-producing poppy seeds to get patrons addicted so they would come back for more.

The owner of the restaurant, Zhang, has admitted to lacing the noodles to Chinese authorities, reports BBC News.

Zhang bought 4.4 pounds of poppy plant shells, which includes the seeds that are used to make opium, for $100 in August. He admits to crushing the buds into a powder and adding it to his noodles.

Police have said the unprocessed seeds contain enough opiates that over time it would build up in the body and eventually cause a positive drug test result.

That is what happened to one of Zhang’s patrons.

Liu Juyou, 26, tested positive during a routine urine test under an anti-drunk-driving program, reports South China Morning Post.

Juyou said he never used drugs and was shocked by the results.

For 15 days, Juyou was detained by police who allegedly would not believe his suspicions that the noodle shop was to blame for his positive drug test.

Juyou had his family eat at the restaurant in order to test his theory and then go home and take urine tests.

His relatives tested positive and a police investigation was opened.

Juyou’s appeal against his detention was dismissed by police as they said their priority was to find drugs and punish drug users.

Zhang was detained for 10 days by police but whether charges will be filed against him is unclear at this time.

Photo Source: Wikipedia Commons/youngjediboy


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