Chinese Police Search For Teacher Who Brutally Attacked Young Students


Chinese police are actively searching for an art teacher they say beat four of his students so badly that one suffered a fractured skull.

Lei Mingxing, an art teacher at a school in Ankang in the Shaanxi province, reportedly launched a vicious assault on four students in his office, beating one so badly with a book that he suffered a fractured skull. The children were brought to a hospital after another teacher at the school discovered them covered in blood and hiding in their classroom out of fear for their lives. The oldest child who attends the school made up of just 22 children is seven years old.

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“I walked past his office and heard crying,” said head teacher Wang Qin, according to the International Business Times. “As I went in I saw the pupils on the floor, very distressed and covered in blood. We've no idea what's behind this. He has always been a very good teacher. We are a very small school, only 22 pupils, so this is totally shocking. He has been a good teacher for many years and has never shown any sign of violence before. We are very concerned for the children and will be talking to all of them to see what was behind this.”

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Police are currently on the hunt for Mingxing after they say he fled on his moped and is likely hiding in the woods on the outskirts of the city.

“We have found tyre [sic] tracks, footprints and empty wine bottles,” said police chief Deng Mingshan. “We have surrounded the woods. We have spoken to the pupils and they say they have no idea why he did it. He just called them into his office and began attacking them.”

Sources: Daily Mail, International Business Times, Yahoo News UK


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