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Chinese Police Officer Sentenced To Death For Killing Pregnant Woman

A Chinese police officer was sentenced to death on Monday for murdering a pregnant woman and injuring her husband. In addition to the deaths sentence, Hu Ping was ordered to pay $12,000 to the victim’s family.

According to reports, the woman, Wu Ying, was working at the rice noodle shop she owned with her husband Cai Shiyong when Ping entered demanding milk tea.

Wu told Hu Ping that the store didn’t serve milk tea, which enraged the police officer, so he pulled out his gun and opened fire. Wu and her unborn baby were killed while her husband Cai was wounded from the gunfire.

Hu claimed that he was drunk when the incident occurred, but a hospital evaluation proved that he was in fact sober.

Hu, who was called a “bastard” by Chinese President Xi Jinping, has now been sentenced to death for the brutal and senseless murder. The case sparked outrage all over, with Chinese Internet users sharing a poster that said, “Death would not be a sufficient punishment for his crime."


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