Chinese Movie Theater Accidentally Uses Gay, Fan-Made Poster To Promote Screening of "Thor" Movie


A movie theater in Shanghai, China probably thought it was saving money by printing out its own poster for their screening of the movie Thor: The Dark World, but in trying to be budget conscious, they wound up using a fan-made altered image of hero Thor passionately embracing villain Loki.

The picture, which shows the hero Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth, holding the villain Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston, and depicts them as gay lovers, was thought to be real by the owners of Shanghai Bona Insun International Theater Complex. The picture itself actually was made by a fan as a joke, but whoever decided to use it to promote the screening didn’t get it. The actual promotional poster shows Thor embracing and protecting his love interest Jane Foster, played by Natalie Portman.

While the picture of this hilarious mistake has gone viral, it’s somewhat concerning that the theater didn’t catch this prior to using the poster, because had they watched the film before putting out the poster, they probably would have known that Thor and Loki fight against each other.

In any case, the Internet is surely grateful to the theater owners for their inability to fact check and in turn making such a hilarious mistake.

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The fake movie poster used by the theater next to the actual poster.


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