Chinese Mother Kidnapped, Forced to Abort Baby Six Months into Pregnancy

Women in China are only allowed to have one child due to the out-of-control population. The way the government enforced that law in the case of 33-year-old Liu Xinwen demonstrates a gross violation of human rights.

Xinwen was six months pregnant when Chinese officials entered her home, pulled her from her bed and took her to the hospital, where doctors aborted her fetus via a miscarriage-inducing injection. Xinwen already had one son, who would have had a younger brother had the assault not happened.

Xinwen spoke to Sky News, saying of her lost son, "I miss him. "I didn't get to see him. I would be even more upset if I had seen him. Baby, I'm sorry. We were not meant to be. You rest in peace in heaven. We will pray for you. We hope your next life is better."  

Parents who break the one-child rule in China, which was enacted in 1979, are supposed to be faced with a fine. Some provinces, however, go to extremes to enforce the law, as in Xinwen’s situation. Her abductors were from the Shandong Province Family Planning Commission.

Xinwen’s husband, Zhou Guoqiang, was home when the government agents arrived. He said that they pinned him on the sofa so that he could not defend his wife. Nobody told him where they were taking her, and he spent five hours locating her whereabouts.

He described the scene at the hospital to Sky News. “My wife was lying in bed. I asked her: 'Have you been injected?' She said 'yes.' I asked if the baby was still moving. She said 'not much.’ After that, I didn't want my wife to see my crying. I went outside.”

The pregnancy was accidental, as Xinwen had a contraceptive device inserted after her first son was born. She was unaware of her condition until the fetus was 4 months old, and she and her husband tried to conceal the pregnancy in hopes of paying a fine after birth rather than enduring a forced abortion.

Sources: Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Sky News


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