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Chinese Mom Facing Backlash Over Picture Showing Baby In Designer Handbag

A Chinese woman is receiving tons of criticism after posting a picture online of her carrying her 9-month-old son in a designer handbag.

Xue Hsueh, 26, was reportedly hanging out with friends when she decided to put her baby inside the designer bag. One friend  took a picture. After seeing the photo, Hsueh chose to share it on social media.

Hsueh probably didn’t expect the picture to go viral, but it quickly spread, and many users hurled criticism at the Chinese mom.

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“Designer babies, the latest accessory that every woman must have,” user WuLei34 sarcastically wrote, reported Metro.

“I wonder what she will do when the straps break on her handbag?” wondered user LucyX.

Hsueh quickly defended herself, noting that her baby was only in the bag for a quick picture and that she was actually making a joke about what it would be like if child care were left up to men. She says she only posted the picture because she thought it was funny and claims that her 9-month-old son was enjoying himself.

Do you think this mom went too far?

Sources:The Daily Mirror, Metro / Photo Sources: Europics via The Daily Mirror, Metro


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