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Chinese Men Experience Childbirth Pain During Simulation Experiment

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A hospital in China’s Shandong Province has begun hooking men up to a childbirth simulator in an attempt to create sympathy for their partners.

The hospital noted that they wanted to show men how much pain women go through during childbirth so men could give women greater respect for their pains.

“The event was aimed at creating awareness and more respect for childbearing women, especially highlighting the entire laborious nine-month process leading up to birth,” a hospital spokesperson said.

To recreate the contractions and pain of childbirth, a machine stimulated each man’s abdomen with electrical shocks to make it contract. Though some men were naturally reluctant to be hooked up, others were eager to experience simulated childbirth.

“My wife is expecting a baby in three months, and we had a row when I told [her] not to make such a fuss,” volunteer Guang Liao said. “When she found out about this project, she told me I had to sign up for it.”

Liao added that he has changed his attitude on childbirth pains since experiencing the simulator. He noted that if the pain had gone on for hours, he wouldn’t have been able to bear it.

The hospital also conducted the same experiment on Mother’s Day of this year, challenging 20 men to endure the simulated pain on a local TV show. The pain levels ranged from 50 to 500.

Zhou Nan, one volunteer who stuck to the end and hit the 500 mark, explained that he is the father of triplets and wanted to experience what his wife did while giving birth. Nan reported that he now has nothing but deep admiration for all mothers.

Two men went under a similar experiment in 2013 in footage posted to LiveLeak. The video featured both men writhing in pain while their laughing wives supported them.

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Photo SourcE: DailyMail


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