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Man Savagely Murders Victim In Public After Dispute Over A Bowl Of Noodles

A Chinese man was brutally killed in broad daylight by a man who argued with him over a bowl of noodles.

Bo Tuan, 29, reportedly stabbed 48-year-old Yul Liao and ripped his still-beating heart out of his chest after Yul wouldn’t share his bowl of noodles. The gruesome attack happened in public, and when witnesses saw Bo cut Yul’s throat and pull out his heart, some fainted while others fled the scene.

"It was bloody and horrifying, and I can't get the images out of my mind,” said one witness. “He sliced the man open like he was a bag of rice and pulled his heart out in front of us all. I swear it was still beating. Several people fainted; I wish I could have fainted. I can't stop seeing it, even when I close my eyes."

Bo reportedly proceeded to carry the heart in his hands as he wandered around the area outside of the noodle bar. Witnesses claim that he repeatedly bit into the heart while he paced around Yul’s lifeless body.

After 40 minutes, police finally arrived at the scene and arrested Bo without resistance. Residents are now criticizing police for taking so long to respond to the call, saying that Bo could have attacked another random person during the time it took them to get to the scene.

Sources: Mirror, Daily Star, International Business Times


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