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Man Has Surgery To Remove Chopstick Stuck In Penis

A man who was too scared to see a doctor about blood in his urine wound up in even more medical trouble after he decided to address the issue himself.

A man, identified only as 'Chen,' had to undergo emergency surgery to remove a 7-inch stainless steel chopstick from his penis after he used it to investigate why he found blood in his urine.

Chen's doctors told him that if he had pushed the chopstick any further into his genitals, then he could have died, according to the Daily Mail. An X-ray shows the chopstick had reached the man's rectal wall.

The man was unable to remove the chopstick after inserting it himself and had to rush to the hospital. Fortunately, the procedure was a success and Chen is currently recovering.

It is unknown whether doctors believe Chen will suffer long-term effects of the incident, according to The Sun, but it's certain that he is lucky to have survived his risky actions.

Earlier this year in Honduras, doctors were forced to amputate a man's penis after he got it stuck in a bottle he was using as a sex toy. He avoided seeking medical attention for four days until his penis had "turned black," according to the Daily Mail. The man suffered necrosis, a condition in which cells in the body die. 

Sources: Daily MailThe Sun / Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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