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Chinese Man Cleaves Eight Children in Schoolyard Stabbing Spree

Footage that surfaced this week shows a Chinese man going on a playground rampage with a meat cleaver, ultimately slashing eight terrified children.

Fortunately the man did not seem to have intent to kill, authorities say. All eight children were taken to the hospital for treatment and one is in critical condition, the Mirror reports.

“It seems he slashed at them rather than chopping hard, which would have killed most of them instantly,” a police spokesperson. “The scenes of panic at the school were indescribable. These youngsters had no idea what was going on.”

The attack occurred recently on an unknown date in Macheng, a populous city of 1.2 million residents in the country’s northeastern Hubei province.

The crazed man, identified as 35-year-old Chen Zuihang, will likely be punished with the death penalty.

Chilling pictures of the rampage emerged Tuesday after CCTV reported on another stabbing rampage that killed seven in the country’s Lushan province, Yahoo News reports. That deadly spree was the escalation of a dispute between neighbors.

It’s not the first meat cleaver attack to occur in China in recent memory, according to the Inquisitr. In 2010, a man killed seven children and two teachers with a cleaver at a school in Hanzhong City. 

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Sources: Mirror, Yahoo News, Inquisitr


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