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Chinese Kindergarten Teacher Arrested After Footage Shows Her Beating Students

Surveillance footage from a Chinese elementary school shows a teacher repeatedly beating her young students. The teacher, identified to the media as Ms. Liu, was arrested on Friday.

The footage was reviewed after the father of one of Liu’s students saw bruises on his son’s legs.

“Since last October, I saw bruises on my son’s legs constantly,” said the father. “My son has woken up crying several times at night, screaming, ‘Don’t hit me.’”

When officials reviewed surveillance tapes, they saw Liu routinely using excessive physical force against her students. She is seen on multiple occasions hitting, kicking, and shoving students in order to get them to follow her orders. Doctors have been called in to examine the injuries Liu inflicted on the children.

One parent was present when Liu was shown the surveillance videos.

 “After watching the video, she screamed, ‘I can’t believe I did this!’” the parent said. “She didn’t admit [it] in the first place. [She] said she just pushed and shoved them.”

This is the latest of several teacher abuse scandals to hit China’s school system. In October 2012, a teacher was seen picking a young student up off of the ground by his ears. In July 2013, a teacher was caught on film dragging and kicking a student on the ground. Finally, in November, a 10-year-old student jumped off of a building to his death at the instruction of his teacher.

Sources: South China Morning Post, Mail Online


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