Chinese High School Student Allegedly Jumps to Death (Video)


A student at a Chinese high school allegedly jumps to his death in surveillance footage that recently went viral.

The video begins in a crowded classroom with students preparing to start their lesson. However, one student sits motionless at the corner of the screen.

Suddenly, the boy stands up from his desk and runs off-screen toward the windows. Though the boy cannot be seen jumping from the window, it’s suggested by the shocked responses of his classmates.

Some students run to the window to look outside, others run from the room and one girl paces back and forth in panic.

One student points to the teacher and shouts something, though it’s in Mandarin.

Though the authenticity of the video can’t be confirmed, stories of Chinese youth committing suicide are not uncommon. In fact, suicide is one of the main causes of death among Chinese youth because of the intense pressure to succeed in school.

Sources: DailyMail, Daily Bhasker


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