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Chinese Groom Attempts To Take His Own Life Because Of Ugly Bride In Arranged Marriage

A Chinese man was rescued from a lake in the Hubei province after he attempted suicide by drowning himself.

According to the People’s Daily Online, Kang Hu, 33, was set to be the groom in an arranged marriage but wanted to avoid marrying the bride because he thought she was unattractive.

Kang Hu told Na Sung, the bride, that she was “too ugly” and walked out of the wedding ceremony. He was later seen walking along the shore of a river. He ultimately threw himself in, attempting suicide.

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Fortunately for him, police officer Hou Kunshan pulled the groom from the water after he saw him face down in a lake.

“I saw a man floating in the water face down,” Hou described. “We couldn't see his condition but when I got closer I could see that it was rather serious.”

The officer jumped straight in to save the man but was not able to pull him all the way out of the lake.

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He explained, “I first dragged him towards the wall but as I knew I didn't have the strength to get him out of the water alone I put him near the wall and waited for the fire brigade to arrive.”

When the emergency responders did arrive, they used ropes to pull him out of the water. He was taken to the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

Police later discovered the motive of the man’s attempted suicide.

“This man was very unhappy with an arranged marriage his family had organized,” said Hou. “They had found him a girlfriend but he wasn't very happy with her looks and under the pressure of his family he decided to take his own life.”

The bystander who photographed the event said, “'He was fully clothed and floating face down in the water...He was unconscious and I thought he was dead.”

He continued, “When the police arrived one jumped in and dragged him ashore with the help of foremen who put a rope around his chest to pull him out before pumping his chest. They saved his life.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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