Chinese Grandmother Attempts To Sell Grandson, 8, To Pay For Dying Son's Operation


A Chinese grandmother put her 8-year-old grandson up for sale to raise money to pay for her dying son's operation.

Liu Xioying, 57, was forced to beg in the street after her family spent all of the 100,000 Yuan ($15,990) savings and had borrowed another 200,000 Yuan ($31, 982) to pay for her 30-year-old son Dusai's medical fees, the Daily Mail reported.

Dusai was reportedly diagnosed with leukemia.

The family still needed 300,000 Yuan ($47,972) more for an operation which could save his life.

The case highlighted great differences between the “new rich” and the incredible poverty of the country, notes.

Grandmother Liu and the man's wife had already sold the family truck, mortgaged their home and borrowed from friends and relatives.

Liu started to beg, kneeling on a street in Wuhan, in China's province of Hubei, and asked passerby if they wanted to buy her 8-year-old grandson.

The grandmother was brought in for questioning after police were notified.

“Of course I felt ashamed but I would have sold him to a decent family if I'd had an offer, and with the money I got I would have tried to save my own son,” she told reporters when she was released.

Liu was told by police that she runs the risk of having the boy taken away if she tries to sell him again.

According, the family knew it wasn't right to sell their grandson, “but we have no other means. We just hope some kind-hearted people will help save our son.”

A number of local businessmen have reportedly been moved by the family's ordeal and are thinking of offering the money to save Dusai.

“The man who is sick did not know his mother had taken his only son in a bid to sell him,” a police spokesman said.


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