Chinese Girl Runs Away From Home Because Her Parents Bought a Japanese Car


A 14-year-old girl in China was so distraught over her parents’ decision to buy a Japanese car that she decided she was left with no other option but to run away from home.

“I cannot have parents who lack a moral backbone,” said the girl. “I firmly refuse to condone my parents’ decision. If they buy a car, they should buy a Chinese car. This kind of behavior shows that they have no dignity.”

Reports show that the girl went to a friend’s house and said she would not return home until her parents returned the car and admitted they were wrong for buying it in the first place. The girl’s reasons for feeling so strongly were mostly political, but she also claimed that if her friends found out that her parents drove a Japanese car, she would get made fun of.

“We Chinese should not use the money we’ve earned to support our enemies,” said the girl to local reporters. “If my classmates find out that my parents purchased a Japanese car, they are all going to make fun of me.”

Animosity between Chinese and Japanese people is nothing new. A recent study found that almost 93 percent of surveyed Chinese people had negative views towards Japan, and around 90 percent of Japanese responded unfavorably towards China. 


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