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Chinese Father Sells Infant Daughter to Afford Second Son

A father of four was arrested Tuesday in the Minhang district of China after he sold his youngest daughter for $4,627 so he could afford a second son.

Wang and his wife have three daughters and a son. However, Wang insisted on having another son because of a tradition in his hometown that favors families with at least two sons. The couple could barely support the four children they already had.

In order to afford a second son, Wang convinced his wife to sell their youngest daughter. After making the decision, they sold their infant daughter to a childless couple in the Jiangsu Province.

To explain the disappearance to police, Wang told his wife to file a false police report that their daughter had been abducted. However, police did not believe the story, and convinced Wang’s wife to admit the truth.

Police have detained the suspect, surnamed Wang, and charged him with child trafficking.

After a team of police searched for the girl, she was found in the Jiangsu Province and returned to her Shanghai home.

Sources: Sina English,


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