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Covert Photos Taken In Chinese Factory Show Workers Putting Bare Feet In Piles Of Noodles (Photos)

A rice noodle factory in China landed in hot water after secret photos of its workers walking around barefoot on top of noodles emerged online.

According to the Daily Mail, one employee at the factory in Dongguan City was even pictured sleeping on the piles of noodles that were meant for sale and consumption.

The plant, called Tongcheng Rice Noodle Factory of Daojiao County, was involved in a hygiene-related case last year and had promised to turn things around.

“We will not tolerate such breaches of the health and hygiene laws,” a spokesman for the Food and Drug Administration said.

The images have come as a shock to diners across China with one online commenter saying: “'Let us call it stinky feet rice noodles forever.”

“It is disgusting to think we have eaten so much rice noodle before from this company. We will never eat them again!” added another.

Dongguan Food and Drug Administration determined that the pictures were taken before the Chinese Spring Festival on January 31.

The factory has been ordered to close down and reassess its food production procedures, reports Yangcheng Evening News.

The operators of the factory face heavy fines and even a jail term for their total disregard for hygiene.

There are 15 rice noodle factories in Daojiao County that have a total daily production of 800-1,200 tons of noodles, SINA reported. Rice noodle sales of the county make up 80 percent of all sales in the Pearl River Delta, so chances are, you’ve consumed some of their delicious feet noodles. Yum.

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