Chinese Cult Members Who Beat Woman To Death At McDonald's Sentenced


Five cult members have been sentenced for beating a woman to death at a McDonald’s restaurant.

All five of the convicted are believed to be members of The Church of the Almighty God cult, which is banned in China.

BBC News China reports that the cult claims to have millions of members, despite its ban.

The killing of Wu Shuoyan took place in May of this year. The cult members attacked Shuoyan after she refused to give them her phone number as they were trying to recruit her.

Her 7-year-old son was with her in the McDonald’s when the attack took place.

Shuoyan was killed after being hit with a metal bar, reports the New York Daily News.

Footage of the attack was posted on the internet; in it, the victim can be heard screaming in pain.

Zhang Lidong was interviewed in prison and showed no regret over his actions.

"I beat her with all my might and stomped on her too. She was a demon, we had to destroy her,” Zhang Lidong said.

Zhang Fan and her father Zhang Lidong were given death sentences. Lu Yingchun was sentenced to life in prison, and Zhang Hang and Zhang Qiaolian were given 10 and seven-year jail terms.

China’s supreme court has the right to overturn death sentences upon review.

Photo Source: BBC News China


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