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Chinese Cab Driver Returns Nearly $30K Left In His Vehicle

A Chinese taxi driver ultimately did the right thing when he returned more than $28,000 found in the back of his cab.

Tang Weidong, a taxi driver in the Chinese city of Nanjing, says he discovered the cash in a bag on the floor of the vehicle after dropping a customer off and heading back to the taxi stand. Upon discovering it, he knew right away that he had to get it back to the man, even though it was equivalent to around 10 years of his current income.

“I drove back to where the businessman had been, but he was gone, so I drove to the police station and handed the money in straight away,” Tang said.

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The man who left the cash, Yang Yadong, says he is extremely grateful for the taxi driver’s honesty.

“Before I'd even realized I'd left the money in the cab, police contacted me,” Yang said. “The money was to pay my staff and I can't begin to express how grateful I am to the driver who found this.”

Tang is now being praised by police officers and his local community for the honest gesture.

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“I don't care about the money,” Tang explained. “I wouldn't have been happy spending somebody else's money and I am delighted that I could help ensure that the man's employees got paid.”

Would you have returned that much cash after finding the bag?

Sources:The Daily Mirror, 1Click News / Photo Source: CEN via The Daily Mirror


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