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2-Year-Old Boy Reportedly Addicted To Alcohol

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A few years ago, video evidence of a two-year-old Indonesian boy who reportedly smokes 40 cigarettes a day highlighted the country’s difficulties dealing with widespread nicotine addiction. Now, law enforcement officials in China are struggling to deal with an alcoholic of the same age. 

Two-year-old Cheng Cheng reportedly first drank at the age of 10 months after his father let him taste a chopstick that had been dipped in wine, and he has been hooked on alcohol ever since. According to the Daily Mail, the two-year-old screams for alcohol despite his parents’ attempts to switch his diet to milk and soft drinks.

Cheng Cheng’s aunt Cai Teng has a simple explanation for why they decided to begin feeding the boy alcohol: “As sometimes he is really noisy, we have no options but let him to try a little bit of wine.”

The boy can also reportedly drink large amounts of alcohol without any noticeable effect. Although his family influenced his tendency to crave alcoholic substances, they are aware that his regular consumption of the drinks could have adverse effects on his development. 

“We will not let him drink or touch alcohol anymore as we [are] afraid that it will affect his growth,” Cai Teng said. 

It is unclear whether Cheng Cheng is addicted to alcohol or if he simply has a strong taste for alcoholic beverages, but it’s certain that his preference for wine and beer is detrimental to his health at such a young age. 

According to Metro, the boy’s family is currently under investigation for their questionable care. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Metro


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