Chinese Billionaire Zong Qinghou Stabbed By Man Seeking Employment


Zong Qinghou, the second-richest man in China and one of the richest people in the world, was recently stabbed in the hand by a man seeking employment. He sustained minor injuries to tendons in two of his fingers.

Zong made his fortune as chairman of the Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., a beverage corporation which he built from the ground-up. He founded the company in 1987 by selling popsicles and soft drinks, and ultimately grew it to be one of the largest, most profitable companies in China.  Because of Zong’s relatively poor beginnings, he has a reputation of being a humble boss.  According to ABC News, “[Zong] is known to sleep in his office and eat alongside employees at the company cafeteria.” 

A 49-year old man with the last name Yong was identified as the attacker in the stabbing, which occurred near Zong’s home. Yong allegedly approached Zong and asked him about employment opportunities.  When Zong declined the man a job, Yong brandished a knife and stabbed Zong in the hand.

Yong was arrested by local authorities, and Zong has already returned to work.


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