Chinese Baby Rescued From Toilet Sewage Pipe (Video)

Footage of the dramatic rescue of a tiny infant who was stuck inside of a toilet sewage pipe has made its way onto the Internet.

After cries were heard coming from a fourth-floor apartment toilet in a building in the Chinese city of Jinhua, neighbors investigated and saw a tiny foot in the bowl.

Rescuers were unable to pull the baby out, so they went to the floor below and removed an entire section of sewer pipe. Even after they freed the section of pipe, rescuers were still unable to remove the baby because he was stuck. The newborn and the pipe were taken to a nearby hospital, CNN reported.

The boy is in stable condition. No one has come forward yet to claim the child but police are looking for his parents. Authorities left this message on the on the social media website Weibo:

"Mom, come back! The baby is resilient and alive. Please show up, Mom. This is your own baby and he should return to your warm embrace soon."

Pro-life advocate Patty Garza commented on the story: “How cruel and evil can people be. Of course this is China where forced abortions are common and families are limited to two children each unless given permission to have another. This was a little boy, which are considered wanted in China where gendercide is common among female infants, but not if you already have two children. How sad that anyone could do something like this to hide their pregnancy/newborn and leave them for dead.”

The video is below:

Sources: CNNThe Blaze


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