Chinese Angered Over Proposed BBQ Ban for Pollution Control

Residents in China are angered over a proposed plan to ban BBQs in an effort to battle the worsening pollution spreading across the country’s biggest cities.

On Thursday, many took to the Internet to protest against the ban, explaining how pointless it sounds.

“This is hilarious. What are they going to consider next? Banning fried food?” one user asked on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter.

“What proportion of pollution comes from barbeques?” asked another user. “I wonder when the government will start banning breaking wind.”

The ban is particularly insulting to the country as they have expressed a deep love for fire-grilled food on the streets. A favorite Chinese dish is barbequed lamb skewers.

It’s being considered after Beijing faced heavy pollution, forcing many residents to wear face masks and worry about health risks.

But most of the pollution is from emissions from coal-burning and exhaust fumes from cars, not from cooking on a barbeque.

On Wednesday, state media said the country’s environmental watchdog issued the draft of guidelines which suggested large cities adopt a ban on “barbeque-related activities.”

It is hoped to control the country’s PM2.5 air pollution problem, which refers to a particulate matter that is 2.5 microns or less in diameter. The particles are so small that they can embed in people’s lungs

The draft also suggests people adopt more environmentally friendly ways of cooking, including using techniques that produce less smoke and pollution. They’re also advising citizens to set of less firecrackers and to be more aware of the environment in general.

One report from the MEP said high PM2.5 readings were a result of the Spring Festival holiday where many people set off firecrackers.

The main goal of the draft is to “significantly reduce” PM2.5 by 2020.



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