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Chinese Woman Finds Worms In KFC Chicken Wing (Photo)

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A woman in the Guandong province of China was disgusted when she discovered white worms inside a piece of her chicken at KFC, and angered when they only offered her a second meal as compensation.

“I felt sick, and the last thing I wanted to do was eat another chicken meal from KFC,” Liu Tsai said.

Tsai immediately called local media, who photographed the chicken and ran a report, after the fast-food chain offered her a second meal.

A spokesperson for KFC China, however, said the company looked into the issue and insisted that the woman’s claim was false.

“These claims relate to KFC China, and a story which was immediately investigated by KFC China and shown to be untrue,” the spokesperson said.

Still, this isn’t the first time KFC has had their food quality questioned. In July, an investigation into Shanghai Husi Food, which supplies KFC, showed that workers prepared expired chicken that had been picked up off the floor. More recently, KFC restaurants in India were also accused of serving food containing live worms.

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Sources: Croatian Times, Metro


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