China Adopting 'One-Dog' Policy

Spay/neuter, licensing and rabies control have not kept up with breeding.

Dog owners in Shanghai may find themselves facing the same restrictions as some other Chinese cities which allow only one dog per household.  This is based on the high population density and very limited living space, according to the China Daily on November 11, 2010.

Shanghai is also proposing that anyone who breeds a litter must either give the pups away before they are three months old or send them to a government-approved adoption agency.

"The alternative is for owners to perform sterilization surgery on their dogs," the report states. China experienced an explosion in dog breeding as the country became increasingly pet

friendly; but unfortunately, spay/neuter, licensing and rabies control have not kept up. 

“Official estimates are that approximately 800,000 pet dogs are kept in the city and only about one-quarter  are registered or licensed," according to the report. 

“Statistics by the  municipal public security bureau show there are about 100,000 dog attack  incidents each year.”

"In 2009, nearly 140,000 cases of dog-inflicted wounds were reported. Each year there are people dying from rabies after being attacked by unlicensed dogs?"



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