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Chilling Photos Reveal Iranian Gov. Behind Kidnapping of Former FBI Agent Robert Levinson

Photographs and a video of former FBI agent Robert Levinson held captive have recently surfaced with evidence that the Iranian government is behind his kidnapping.

The photos show a ragged, gray-haired Levinson in an orange jumpsuit, much like those used at Guantanamo Bay, holding up signs that say phrases such as, “I am here in Guantanamo, do you know where it is?” Another placard reads, “Help me,” and another, “This is the result of 30 years serving for USA.”

The photos were directly emailed to Levinson’s family in 2011, and Levinson’s wife Christine just released them to the Associated Press in order to renew interest in finding her husband. The photos and the video have been largely untraceable — the photos were sent from a cell phone whose owner had nothing to do with the photos and the video from a cyber café in Pakistan in November 2010.

Due to the expertise involved in Levinson’s capture and the untraceable photos, the U.S. believes that a terrorist group and a professional intelligent service are behind the kidnappings, such as Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security. Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, an outspoked critic of Guantanamo, has denied any involvement in the capture.

Levinson, who was a retired FBI agent and working as a private investigator, went to Iran in 2007 to investigate organized cigarette smuggling on the island of Kish in Iran. Kish is both a popular resort area and a free trade zone, thus a hotbed for smuggling.

The U.S., though quietly working to bring all captured U.S. citizens home, has few leads as to where Levinson is being held. His wife, who has met with President Obama and John Brennan, Obama’s counterterrorism advisor, does not feel their efforts have been enough.

"It needs to come front and center again," Christine Levinson said. "There needs to be a lot more public outcry."

"He’s a good man," she said. "He just doesn’t deserve this."

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