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Chilling Eyewitness Video of West, Texas Fertilizer Explosion

A video (below) of an enormous explosion at the West Fertilizer Co in West, Texas, tonight was recorded by an unidentified man and his daughter who were watching the fire.

The explosion and fire have left many people dead and hundreds injured, reports the Daily Mail.

The man who shot the video parked his car to watch the fire at the fertilizer plant earlier tonight. While he was filming, a huge blast filled the camera lens.

The man's car shook as his daughter said: "Daddy, I can't hear. Get out of here. Please get out of here. Daddy, please get out of here."

West, Texas, is located 70 miles south of Dallas.

The small town is mobilizing to respond and many of the victims have been transported to hospitals in Dallas, Fort Worth and Waco, Texas.

According to NBC 5, West, Texas Mayor Tommy Muska said the "very powerful explosion" happened after he and other firefighters arrived.

Sources: Daily Mail and NBC 5


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