Chilean Man Attempts To Rob Woman On Bus, Driver Takes Out Bat And Beats Him (Video)


A Chilean man attempted to rob a woman on a bus, but the thief was left in tears after the bus driver struck him with a bat as he tried to flee.

The attempted theft, which took place in the city of Concepcion on October 9, was caught on a surveillance camera.

Footage shows Pablo Ignacio Riquelme Curiqueo, 22, follow the woman onto the bus and snatch her bag, but the thief’s right hand ended up getting trapped in the entrance as he tried to make a getaway, the Daily Mirror reports.

The hero driver radioed police, and then took out a baseball bat after Curiqueo’s second failed attempt to snatch the woman’s bag. That is when the hitting began.

The bag thief, who had convictions of assault, theft and robbery, tried to avoid being arrested by claiming the woman was really his aunty called Maria who lived in the countryside and he wanted to play a joke on her.

But the 22-year-old was reduced to tears as he continued to get whacked. 

According to Sky News, the bus driver finally stopped the vehicle, but when the door opened, the thief was detained by police officers and placed on the ground with his hands behind his back.

Sources: IJ ReviewDaily MirrorSky News


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