This Child's Punishment For Peeing In A Field Will Make You Cringe

No matter how much you feel like your bladder is about to pop, do NOT go pee in someone's field in India. It’s not worth it.

Need proof?

A five-year-old boy in the Indian village of Uttar Pradesh reportedly had his penis cut off last week after he urinated in a man’s field.

The young boy, identified as Ritesh Sheshram was apparently caught urinating in the field on Tuesday. The field’s owner spotted the boy, and proceeded to beat him relentlessly before cutting off his penis. The child somehow reached home and was transported to a nearby hospital.

Sheshram’s family reported the incident to police. When police went to arrest the field owner and his son, they discovered that both men are now on the run.

The maimed boy is in stable condition and recovering at the SRN Hospital in Allahabad. 

Sources: India Today, Times of India


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