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Child's 'Punishment' Haircut Under Investigation (Photos)

Child's 'Punishment' Haircut Under Investigation (Photos) Promo Image

A child's haircut, which may have been done as punishment, led to an investigation resulting in the leave of two Ohio firefighters.

A Facebook post in which a mother claimed that her daughter's hair was chopped off as punishment for getting highlights in her hair for her birthday led to an investigation for a potential child abuse complaint, according to WJW.

The Haskins Police Department is investigating the complaint with the help of Wood County Children's Services. Haskins Police Chief Colby Carroll said the mother alleged that the haircut happened under the supervision of the girl's father and stepmother, who are both volunteer firefighters.

"I've been doing this since '92 and I've never had a case I would say that's like this," Carroll said. "Mom was upset with how her child was being cared for -- lack of better terms."

The girl's father and stepmother are both on leave from the Middleton Township Fire Department pending the outcome of the investigation, according to Fire Chief Steve Asmus. Asmus would not name the individuals involved, but said that they have been on staff for about two years and that he has never received a complaint regarding either of their work.

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No charges have been filed yet in connection with the complaint.

The girl's mother, Christin Johnson, shared photos of her daughter's haircut on Facebook in a post claiming that the haircut was done as punishment.

"This is what my daughter looked like Sunday when I took her home and the other two pics is what happened today before she was brought to me," Johnson wrote in her post. "All over me having highlights put in her hair for her birthday!"

The post quickly went viral, being shared more than 24,000 times in less than a week.

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A number of Facebook users shared their thoughts on the post.

"He’s abusive and your daughter deserves better treatment than that," one reader commented. "If you don’t stand your ground and see to it that she is never subjected to his abuse again, she will spend the rest of her life thinking that it’s alright for men to behave this way. She is beautiful and you are a great mother. This should never have happened"

"I must say I know how important and emotional a young ladies appearance means to them and their self confidence," another user wrote. "From the time a young lady first sits down and has her hair brushed and told she is beautiful her hair becomes a vital key in her self image. For a father to force this upon a daughter who does not want it abuse has been committed."

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