Outrage Erupts Over Monkey Body Shirt Paired With Black Boy's Face

A children’s clothing company has sparked outrage after it decided to pair a t-shirt of a monkey’s body with the head of a young African-American boy.

Children’s clothing company Just Add A Kid sells t-shirts with various cartoon designs on them, including cowboys, angels, various animals, princesses, and more. The hangers that the shirts are displayed on are topped with a cutout of a child’s face, which goes along with their name, Just Add A Kid.

When a Twitter user noticed that the monkey shirts featured a black boy’s face, he took a picture of the shirts on the rack and uploaded it online. Quickly, many people began to wonder if the company meant to put the boy’s face on the monkey body, and right away, the company responded.

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"The head shots on our hangers are intended [to] reflect the different cultures of our happy customers, and are distributed separately to our shirts," the company said in a statement. "In this particular case, one of our retailers paired a particular hanger with a shirt without consideration for how it may appear to many consumers. We are taking steps to prevent this from happening again."

The company’s founder also told the NY Daily News that they were conducting an internal investigation to find out if this pairing was done maliciously.

"We are looking into all the situations that occurred around this little incident," company co-founder Lowell Cohen said. "We're looking at the vendor, we're speaking to our employees."

Jezebel is reporting that the pairing of the hanger and the shirt is usually left up to the individual store.

Sources: NY Daily News, Atlanta Daily World, Jezebel


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