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Children Tightrope And Cross Broken Bridges To Get To School (Photos)

Kids are expected to put in hard work in school, but students in Indonesia work even harder to just get there.

School-aged children in Sumatra, Indonesia put their lives in danger to get an education. While children in various parts of the world who walk miles to get to school is not uncommon, the kids in the pictures below take the cake when it comes to death-defying risk taking.

Kids are forced to tightrope across a 30 ft. pass where a bridge used to stand over a river. The bridge, which included a seven-mile walk, was the common route for these Indonesian children.

But thanks to heavy storms and floods, pillars on that suspension bridge have been broken, making an already dangerous trip to school even more perilous.

The photos below show school-age children as they cross narrow aqueducts on a small plank board, carefully guarding their books and book bags so they won’t get wet.

In China, school-age children have to pass through high cliffs while others have to zip line high above the ground in Colombia. 

Riding in a school bus on a rainy day doesn't sound that bad now.

Source: Visual News, NBC News


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