Children Of Slain Arizona Weapons Instructor Pen Moving Letter To Young Girl Who Fatally Shot Their Dad

The children of an Arizona weapons instructor who was killed last month after his 9-year-old student accidentally shot and killed him with an Uzi submachine gun have written a letter to the young girl.

“We don’t know your name, but we are connected through this tragedy,” said Christopher Vacca, son of Charles Vacca, according to NJ.com. “In the news we are just called the family, the 9-year-old girl and the instructor — but we do have names.”

Vacca was standing next to the 9-year-old girl when she pulled the trigger on an Uzi. The gun recoiled, pointing upward, and Vacca was fatally shot in the head.

He left behind sons Christopher, 11, and Tylor Vacca, 14, and daughters Elizabeth Vacca, 15 and Ashley Moser, 19, when he was shot Aug. 25 at the Last Stop range in White Hills, Arizona, Good Morning America reports.

“You're only 9-years-old,” wrote the four children of the slain instructor. "We think about you. We are worried about you. We pray for you, and we wish you peace. Our dad would want the same thing.”

James Goodnow, a member of Lamber Goodnow at Fennemore Craig, the Phoenix law firm hired by Vacca’s family after the shooting, said it was the children’s idea to pen the letter. He released a video of the children reading the letter to ABC News.

Family attorney Marc Lamber said the family wanted "the public to know who Charlie was, and the kind of person he was.”

Vacca's children also took an opportunity to tell the world what their father was like.

“Our dad wasn't just an instructor,” they wrote. “He was funny, strong, a protector, a hero, and our friend. He was a good man.”

“Like you, we are living through this tragic event that we cannot shut off,” the letter to the little girl concluded. “It's with us all the time.”

According to the Associated Press, prosecutors will not file charges and the identities of the girl and her family have not been released.

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